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MINI SNOWBOARDER programs are tailored for preschool children (3-6 years old). In these programs, children learn snowboarding through play, where imagination plays a crucial role. They develop essential motor skills, imagination, and socialize with peers in a natural and relaxed environment. Toddlers are introduced to basic and advanced snowboarding techniques in our programs. Special attention is given to safety. Children learn not only snowboarding but also safety on various slopes and the proper use of ski lifts while forming strong friendships and having immense fun. As preschoolers require special care and support, learning takes place in small groups (2-5 children), with a teacher always present. Most of the learning occurs on the Krvavec ski slopes, but arrangements can be made for other locations. In addition to 5-day courses throughout the season, we also offer individual lessons. From experience, it is clear that preschoolers are most enthusiastic about courses as learning with peers further encourages their progress and allows for longer-lasting programs. Our goal is to guide toddlers to a level where they can independently control speed on different terrains and slopes, stop effectively, and become familiar with various elements of snowboarding and ski lift usage. Additionally, parents of preschoolers often participate in the course to learn how to assist their toddlers on the board and ski lifts correctly and safely.


Most skiing/snowboarding schools are not primarily tailored for teaching preschoolers, or they give them too little attention. Due to the lack of experienced snowboarding instructors with the right sensitivity and responsibility for working with toddlers, a snowboarding lesson can quickly turn into a disappointment. In our school, we are fully aware of the responsibility we have in introducing your little one to the world of snowboarding through play, alongside peers and excellent teachers. With us, your toddler, just like you, will come to love this sport and will always look forward to new adventures on the board.


Children who participate in our weekly/daily courses easily spend 5 hours with us. This includes playtime, multiple breaks, warm-up games, snacks, and more. The children are on the snow almost all day and slowly, but steadily, develop a love for this sport. During individual lessons, the learning of snowboarding is more intensive, and children require less time to acquire the necessary skills. However, they are not involved in the snow fun with peers. At this age, the most important thing is for children to develop a love for snowboarding and everything associated with it, while also mastering the basics, and even some advanced techniques.


In beginner groups for toddlers, to ensure safety, engagement, and progress, there is at least one teacher for every three children. In more advanced groups, there are a maximum of five children per teacher. This approach facilitates faster progress for your toddlers and ensures the continuous presence of a teacher who is dedicated to their advancement.


It is very important for them to have a good relationship with the instructor and to perceive snowboarding positively. Most children have no problem enduring 1 hour of snowboarding, but it is crucial that they get along well with the instructor and enjoy themselves. This is particularly important during individual lessons, and somewhat less so during group courses, where children are with their peers, and one hour passes quickly for them.