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We are big fans of white slopes, both on ski resorts and off-piste. We enjoy meeting new people and getting them excited about snowboarding. Our goal is to provide students with the necessary knowledge in a safe and enjoyable way, so that they can continue to enjoy this sport for a long time.

In our school, we have experienced and qualified instructors with years of snowboarding expertise. These instructors specialize in teaching the youngest children, as well as individuals at various skill levels, from beginners to advanced learners. Additionally, they excel in instructing older children and adults. We pay great attention to safety. In addition to teaching, we encourage students to enjoy snowboarding and have fun in the natural environment. This includes exploring different styles and techniques and fostering creativity.

The snowboarding school offers various courses, as well as individual lessons tailored to individual needs. We provide courses for beginners, advanced courses, and specialized courses for those looking to improve specific skills, such as freestyle tricks or riding in deep powder snow.


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Taja is a biologist and a passionate lover of animals and nature. She started snowboarding at the age of 8 and soon after began training in snowboarding. She was part of the freestyle national team. At the age of 18, she finished her training and focused on her studies. She obtained her snowboarding instructor certification at the age of 20. She has taught both in Slovenia and abroad. In her free time, she enjoys exploring nature, diving, surfing, rock climbing, and hiking in the mountains.
License level: U2, ISIA


Miha is a big lover of nature and adrenaline sports. He started snowboarding at the age of 10 and at 18, he passed his first snowboarding instructor course. Over the years, he has completed numerous courses and is also a member of the demonstration team for snowboarding. He has taught in various schools in Slovenia and abroad. Currently, along with the Slovenian Ski Association and DUDS, he is laying the foundation for teaching snowboarding to preschool children. In his free time, he enjoys going to the mountains, climbing, or riding the waves.
License level: Trener PRO, ISIA